America Runs 5K

January 2018

Non-Profit Partner Application


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America Runs 5K (AR5K) is a 15-day virtual race event organized by Charity Footprints, Inc. in which Individuals join a non-profit's team to complete a 5k challenge and raise funds for the non-profit.

Free Peer-to-Peer Fundraising: Each AR5K participant gets a personal fundraising page to rally support & raise funds from their friends, family and loved ones. Participants can amplify this support by requesting matching donations from their employers, sharing their workouts on social networks, and engaging with non-profits by volunteering after the challenge is over. Peer-to-peer fundraising is completely free for the first $1,000. Our standard 4% platform fees + (2.6% + $0.30) credit card transaction fees apply after that.

Swag ‘n More: Each participant who completes at least a 5K (total workout distance over 15 days) receives a beautifully crafted 3" America Runs 5K race medal.

Non-Profit Application Fee: There is a $50 application fee for non-profits to join this event. Once your team is ready, you can invite staff members, volunteers, fitness enthusiasts or any one else you deem fit to join your team!

Registration Fee: Participants can join your team by paying a $20 registration fee. Out of each registration, non-profit earns $10 in their fundraising account (on WePay).

Apply Now and join our next #AR5K this January to raise funds and awareness for your cause while inspiring people to #GetFitGiveBack.
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During the campaign
Non-profit creates team, gets volunteers registered.
Non-profit welcomes and encourages team members.
Participants run, walk, ride to earn donations.
After the campaign
We donate fitness incentive amount to non-profit's WePay account.
We ship out race medals to participants who cover over 5K (~3 miles).
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Non-Profit Application Open Now
Application Fee $50
Participant Registration Starts Dec 30th
Registration Fee $20
Fundraising Starts Dec 30th
Fitness Tracking Jan 16th - Jan 30th

* Standard Charity Footprints’ fundraising charges apply (4% + credit card fee of 2.6% + 30 cents per transaction) over $1,000 in total fundraising.

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What is America Runs 5K?

America Runs 5K (AR5K) is a 15-day virtual race event organized by Charity Footprints, Inc. in which Individuals join a non-profit's team to complete a 5k challenge and raise funds for the non-profit.

How will our volunteers participate?

Participants can register for the race starting Dec 30th. Once registered, they can run, walk or ride anywhere and anytime to complete their fitness goals.

Upon registration, participants will also receive their individual fundraising pages where they can solicit donations for you. Our fundraising pages come loaded with social media widgets, that make these fundraising pages easily shareable.

Here are the detailed campaign timelines.

How will participants track their fitness miles?

Fitness tracking can be done on Charity Footprints' FREE iOS or Android mobile apps.

How does a participant create a fundraising page?

Once a participant registers, a corresponding fundraising page is created automatically. This page is directly linked to the selected non-profit's fundraising account.

What is campaign registration fee?

Campaign registration fee is the amount that participants pay to enroll in this virtual race. The registration fee for America Runs 5K is $20.

What are the fees associated with America Runs 5K?

Registering your non-profit for the next America Runs 5K virtual race is $50.

There are no platform or transaction fees for funds raised on the participant fundraising pages up to cumulative total of $1,000, post that, our standard transaction fee is applied - 4% Commissions & Credit Card processing fee (2.6% + 30 cents per transaction).

Who can I contact if I need help?

You can contact us any time you need help. We love hearing from non-profit partners so please don't hesitate to write to us about any issues you are facing, any suggestions you might have, or just to say hi.

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